Stranger Things Party

Shortly after binge watching Stranger Things, my girlfriend had the idea that we should put together a themed Halloween party. Since I had already been working on music-reactive LEDs as a hobby, it didn't seem much of a stretch to build a bunch of decorations. Because how cool would it be to party at the Byers house?

02 - JXu1XUj.jpg

We needed some way for the Upside Down to communicate, so we built a wall! We ended up actually using studs, drywall and paneling as it seemed to be the best option to not have the actual walls. It turns out putting up real wallpaper is a gooey endeavor!

01 - WIGWJ6D.jpg
03 - ANxBjQM.jpg

Joyce didn't stop at anything to find Will. We didn't stop at anything to have a good party! All in all, there are about 1200 individual light bulbs of some sort up here and around the house.

I used both WS2811 and WS2812/NeoPixels for the project. It seemed like the perfect fit, and let's me individually address each and every bulb on it's own.

Joyce's phone rings throughout the party! It plays audio clips from YouTube of the show.

In addition to the lit letters, there are 600 addressable lights around the room. This let me change the patterns and colors to match the music. We are partying after all! And who knows how to party better than a Demogorgon?

I used the ESP8266 in the form of both the Huzzah Feather and breakout boards from Adafruit. Once I wrote the the controller, it was easy to get these working without much in the form of wires. (When there were lots of cell phones at the party however, performance did degrade a bit!)

This was also featured on Imgur's Most Viral section!

I'm glad this was a success, and lots of learning for my next projects came out of it. Stay tuned for some more awesomeness!