Stranger Things Party

Shortly after binge watching Stranger Things, my girlfriend had the idea that we should put together a themed Halloween party. Since I had already been working on music-reactive LEDs as a hobby, it didn't seem much of a stretch to build a bunch of decorations. Because how cool would it be to party at the Byers house?

Music Festival LED Tie

From December 2015 to May 2016, I designed and 3D printed a tie that I wore to the Sasquatch! Music Festival. While future videos to come will explain a bunch of the details, here are the basics.

Mt. Rainier National Park, September 2016

Mt. Rainier National Park, September 2016


Entering Death Valley

Sometimes, I'll probably just post some random photos I've taken as I enjoy the color it gives the site.

I captured this nearly six years ago, during late summer of 2010. I ended up parking the car on the side of the road for some sightseeing shortly after I saw two fighter jets scramble vertically from directly behind this guardrail. They didn't reappear, unfortunately--I reckoned they went back to the Air Force area just south of the western Death Valley entrance. 

Earlier that morning, I started at a 10,000 ft elevation on Yosemite's eastern entrance where there were patches of snow on the ground. That evening, I were standing next to a sign that claimed the elevation at sea level. Getting out of the car here, I was blasted with the dry desert heat--definitely a change from the snow!

I've been back to Death Valley since then twice, and how hot and dry it is still amazes me.